Welcome to DK Infusetek, committed to providing syringe pumps and solution for customers.
Welcome to DK Infusetek, committed to providing syringe pumps and solution for customers.

> DK INFUSETEK & DHL Signed “Go Green Plus” Plan

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Clean fuel, green forward! DK INFUSETEK and DHL join together to draw a blueprint for sustainable development.

For a shared green future and a new vitality in sustainable development, DK INFUSETEK has signed a“Go Green Plus”plan with DHL on Jun. 26, 2024.

As a company focusing on precision fluid transfering, DK INFUSETEK always adheres to the concept of innovative development, focuses on customer and market needs, and is committed to provide stable and reliable products and solutions for customers.

Currently, our products have been exported to 106 countries around the world, and won wide acclaim and trusty. Over the years, DK INFUSETEK has worked closely with DHL to ensure that the products are delivered safely and quickly to customers, providing customers with a good shopping experience.

This cooperation is based on the common ideas and goals of the two sides, on the basis of previous cooperation, through the promotion of clean fuels, reduce carbon emissions, and jointly contribute to the cause of environmental protection of the earth.

At the signing ceremony, representatives of the two sides jointly claim to give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen communication and cooperation, and jointly promote the smooth implementation of“Go Green Plus”. DK INFUSETEK will take this cooperation as an opportunity to further strengthen the cooperation between the two sides in the field of sustainable development and jointly promote the progress of environmental protection.

DK INFUSETEK will continue to actively assume social responsibility and pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Together for a shared green future!