Welcome to DK Infusetek, committed to providing syringe pumps and solution for customers.
Welcome to DK Infusetek, committed to providing syringe pumps and solution for customers.

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Syringe pumps are widely used in many fields. It can evenly inject liquids to achieve the required microfluidic liquid transmission and precision in experiments. Avoid man-made operation errors, sample preparation and distribution, etc., making the staff more comfortable in their work. It is convenient, fast, and saves the actual amount of liquid. Among them, the injection pump can be divided into two types: split type and integrated type according to the structure. Today I will introduce the Shenchen Split Syringe Pump SPC/ZU-I (non-medical). This syringe pump can be used for microfluidics, cell injection, nutrition research

The advantages are as follows:

1. SPC/ZU-I split injection pump is flexible in operation. Two working modes can be switched and combined arbitrarily: one is independent operation mode, the execution units work independently of each other, and can be poured or extracted at different speeds at the same time or at different times, and do not affect each other. The second is the logic operation mode, The execution unit can perform perfusion or extraction in different proportions according to the sequence of logical steps preset by the user. The user can arbitrarily combine different execution units into logical operation or independent operation mode to meet different requirements. The same needs.

2. SPC/ZU-I split injection pump has small transmission error. This syringe pump has an intelligent calibration function and an online fine-tuning function to automatically calibrate the filling volume before production to improve the filling accuracy. In the production process, a certain execution unit will also be fine-tuned to reduce the perfusion error.

3. Convenient loading and unloading and monitoring The SPC/ZU-I split injection pump seven-inch true color LCD screen can monitor the independent traffic jam signal of each channel in real time, and has the traffic jam stop reminder function. The fast forward and fast rewind function is used to facilitate the loading and unloading, cleaning and traffic jam protection of the syringe. except.